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Nordiska Patent . . . . Chroma301. . Your International Friend Finder Y.I.F.F.

More inventions My own acuteness of thought More inventions My own acuteness of thought My own acuteness of thought Look at this great masterpiece Another great masterpiece Imazaing! Thanks McNeel web3d in UK. EastCoast. WestCoast obo Coop (Konsum) My own acuteness of thought Interactive 3D at the heart of your communication Create interactive presentations and be serious Do marketing with dimension info@3dconstruct.cz My own acuteness of thought So my friend, a new step have started in professional development of hardware for the consumer.
This time I will move forward in a slow way of invention. Protection (registration) of designs (resp. a design) with patent will for sure follow up before anyone can take a check-up action on the product.
To read more about the Chef's Cap you have to start with to move to the right domain www.agitoglobal.com. At the moment you will not get anything of deeper interest. On other hand have some companys send "Chef's knifes" and prototype building have started and will follow up with photo with surface modular construction (design) and ending with solid construction.
Read more about my first step to make life come in handy for all chefs in the world.

ALL INOVATION HAS COME TO AN ENDING IN AUGUST 2007. Find the product in England current summer.

On www.agitoglobal.com will a global manual for the Chef's Cap be located when ready to launch the market. At the moment you will only read this sheet one's again. Read about Komin Yamada (Global) and other Japanese knife manufactures that have make my day. Here are a wide rang of kitchen knives at www.kitchenknives.com. Chef's Cap innovation allows you to keep One Step Ahead. Bunmei chef knive with zero handgrip. ERGO-Fakta. Chef's Guide to Kitchen Knife
Secrecy Agreement Chef's Cap ________________ Sekretessavtal för Chef's Cap
To read more about ergonomics handgrip... PDF-file are great www.bergotools.se/pdf/eng-erg.pdf. You visit the page on and will automaticly have data processing and be remembered as a Chef's Cap friend. WIKIPEDIA.. >> The Free Encyclopedia
Läsa om ergonomi på Bero Tools så får du bra inblick hur vår handled och arm fungerar. Du besökte denna sida den och sparas automatiskt i en databas och kommer alltid vara ihågkommen som en Chef's Cap vän.

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